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About Us

Hearth & Story

A girl with brown, curly hair reads a book cozily next to a brick fireplace

Welcome to Hearth & Story Homeschool Language Arts, a labor of love crafted by Lindsey Sodano, an accomplished author, dedicated educator, and homeschool enthusiast. With a profound commitment to enhancing the educational journey, Lindsey embarked on a quest to redefine language arts for the secular homeschooling community.

After exploring a myriad of secular language arts curricula and taking a close look at some highly popular but definitely-not-secular options, Lindsey noticed an unmet need in the market. She began to envision a homeschool language arts program that seamlessly blends academic rigor with aesthetic charm. At Hearth & Story, we believe that learning should not only be intellectually enriching but also visually captivating.

Lindsey's expertise extends beyond language arts, as she is an author of the popular History Quest series, contributing valuable secular alternatives to the homeschool landscape. The culmination of her experiences and passion has given rise to Hearth & Story – a sanctuary for families seeking an academically robust and aesthetically pleasing language arts curriculum.

As you embark on this educational journey with us, we extend a warm invitation to experience a refreshing approach to language arts. Welcome to a new chapter in the art of learning. Welcome to Hearth & Story!

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