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Learn Language Arts Together with Hearth & Story's Complete Fifth Grade Language Arts Course: From the transformative narratives in our thematic series, "The Stories We are Told," to empowering writing, captivating poetry exploration, and comprehensive language studies, each fully secular course component is crafted to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love for learning. Join us on this exciting journey through literature, writing, poetry, critical thinking, grammar, and spelling, where each module is designed to bring homeschooling families together and foster holistic development.


Dive into "The Stories We are Told": Hearth & Story’s fifth grade thematic core invites students to embark on a profound journey through four novels in which young protagonists confront the pervasive narratives that society weaves around them. These compelling stories delve into the tales society tells us about identity, class, ways of knowing, history, and the mechanisms shaping our world. Our heroes live in four different universes, but they have something important in common: they bravely question the status quo, challenging the stories handed down to them. Fueled by the desire for change, these young minds embark on transformative journeys, eventually redefining their worlds. "The Stories We are Told" invites students to ponder the stories that shape our perceptions, encouraging introspection and inspiring a quest for personal and societal growth.


Unlock the Power of Expression with Hearth & Story Fifth Grade Writing: Designed to empower young minds, our comprehensive program guides students through the intricacies of writing, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and effective communication. From mastering the basic five-paragraph essay structure to crafting persuasive, expository, narrative, and descriptive essays, students will also delve into a short research report and refine their writing through thoughtful editing practices. Crafted by Lindsey Sodano, a published author with over twenty years of diverse writing experience, Hearth & Story Fifth Grade Writing captivates young minds with an enjoyable and memorable learning process. Build confidence, equip your child with essential writing skills for success in academics and beyond. Unleash the power of expression and set the stage for a lifetime of effective communication.


Explore Poetry Without the Fuss: In Hearth & Story’s Fifth Grade Poetry homeschool course, the magic of poetry will come to life within the walls of your home. Enter the enchanting world of poetry with our warm and welcoming program that's designed especially for fifth grade homeschool students. Some students shy away from poetry because it can be challenging to understand and often features old-fashioned language or stodgy themes. At Hearth & Story, we recognized this issue and curated a special list of thirty poems and twenty literary term flashcards featuring a variety of engaging topics specifically designed to resonate with young creative minds… and without a lot of the “thou” and “doth” stuff we often associate with poetry class. Each poem comes with both a homeschool lesson and a simple coloring page students can work on while discussing the poem, allowing students to add their own personal touches to these literary treasures.


Delve into the Works of Hans Christian Andersen: Our fifth grade short story series include three timeless tales by Hans Christian Andersen— "The Emperor's New Clothes," "The Steadfast Tin Soldier," and "The Nightingale.” These units include the full text of each story as well as thought-provoking questions, engaging writing activities, and other fun exercises that transform reading time into a delightful adventure. These tales are designed to spark creativity and critical thinking, making them an integral and memorable part of your homeschool literature journey. Uncover the enchantment within Andersen’s words and let these enduring stories add a touch of magic to your literary exploration.


Embark on a Transformative Journey with Brain Food: This unique course component unlocks critical thinking skills and enriches conversations. You and your student will explore logical fallacies, cognitive distortions, thought-provoking questions, and much more. With Brain Food, you’ll custom tailor your family's reading values, stimulate meaningful discussions, and foster holistic learning. Invest in Brain Food for a delicious adventure that nourishes the mind, sparking a lifelong love for learning and individuality.


Take an Exciting Linguistic Journey with Hearth & Story's Grammar for Writers: Designed especially for fifth graders, this engaging curriculum unravels the mysteries of language, covering parts of speech, sentence construction, punctuation nuances, and common grammar pitfalls. With a visually appealing design, our course transforms the often-dreaded study of grammar into a captivating adventure. Build confidence, acquire lifelong skills, and watch as your child unlocks the power of language with enthusiasm and confidence.

Practice Persistence and Achieve Spelling Success with Hearth & Story Fifth Grade Spelling: Tailored for students with a strong spelling foundation, our engaging curriculum addresses commonly misspelled words, explores Latin and Greek roots, and employs a fun and friendly approach. This course acts as a bridge to advanced vocabulary studies, ensuring your child is well-prepared for linguistic challenges ahead. With our unique "Persistence Spelling" feature, students comprehensively review and retain spelling concepts. Ideal for those aiming to elevate their language skills.


Things to Know: This complete package also includes a “get started” guide, weekly planner page, suggested (yet flexible) schedule, our Gratitude Jar project (Mason jar not included!), binder spine inserts (suggested binder size is 2.5-3 inches), and our novel reading log pages. Each individual course component contains a full answer key. You will need to obtain copies of the four novels in the course: Over the Moon by Natalie Lloyd, Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins, The Last Mapmaker by Christina Soontornvat, and The Giver by Lois Lowry. When printing this course, keep in mind it is 387 pages in total. It’s an entire year of every language arts subject, after all! We highly recommend printing in color. There are several cost-effective and homeschool-friendly printing services you might consider.

Complete 5th Grade Language Arts Package

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