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Elevate Your Literature Experience with the Hearth & Story Fifth Grade Literature Bundle: Discover a harmonious fusion of captivating narratives and enchanting poetry in our carefully crafted Hearth & Story Fifth Grade Literature Bundle. If you are using a different writing, spelling, and grammar program and need a secular literature component that resonates with your family's values, our bundle is the perfect substitution.


Seamless Integration with Your Existing Curriculum: At Hearth & Story, we understand that every homeschooling journey is unique. Our Fifth Grade Literature Bundle is designed as the perfect companion for families who have solidified their foundation in language arts. If you're content with your current writing, spelling, and grammar programs but are seeking a secular alternative for literature, our bundle seamlessly integrates into your homeschooling routine.


Dive into "The Stories We are Told": Hearth & Story’s fifth grade thematic core invites students to embark on a profound journey through four novels in which young protagonists confront the pervasive narratives that society weaves around them. These compelling stories delve into the tales society tells us about identity, class, ways of knowing, history, and the mechanisms shaping our world. Our heroes live in four different universes, but they have something important in common: they bravely question the status quo, challenging the stories handed down to them. Fueled by the desire for change, these young minds embark on transformative journeys, eventually redefining their worlds. "The Stories We are Told" invites students to ponder the stories that shape our perceptions, encouraging introspection and inspiring a quest for personal and societal growth.


Explore Poetry Without the Fuss: In Hearth & Story’s Fifth Grade Poetry homeschool course, the magic of poetry will come to life within the walls of your home. Dive into the enchanting world of poetry with our warm and welcoming program that's designed especially for fifth grade homeschool students. Some students shy away from poetry because it can be challenging to understand and often features old-fashioned language or stodgy themes. At Hearth & Story, we recognized this issue and curated a special list of thirty poems and twenty literary term flashcards featuring a variety of engaging topics specifically designed to resonate with young creative minds… and without a lot of the “thou” and “doth” stuff we often associate with poetry class. Each poem comes with both a homeschool lesson and a simple coloring page students can work on while discussing the poem, allowing students to add their own personal touches to these literary treasures.


Delve into the Works of Hans Christian Andersen: Our fifth grade short story series include three timeless tales by Hans Christian Andersen— "The Emperor's New Clothes," "The Steadfast Tin Soldier," and "The Nightingale.” These units include the full text of each story as well as thought-provoking questions, engaging writing activities, and other fun exercises that transform reading time into a delightful adventure. These tales are designed to spark creativity and critical thinking, making them an integral and memorable part of your homeschool literature journey. Uncover the enchantment within Andersen’s words and let these enduring stories add a touch of magic to your literary exploration.


A Holistic Fifth Grade Literature Experience: Whether you're seeking a secular approach or looking to align literature choices with your family's values, the Hearth & Story Fifth Grade Literature Bundle is your solution. Elevate your homeschooling journey by seamlessly integrating literature that sparks curiosity, fosters a love for reading, and perfectly complements your existing language arts curriculum.

Fifth Grade Full Year Literature Bundle

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