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Introducing Hearth & Story Fifth Grade Spelling!


Embark on a Year of Spelling Success with Our Engaging Curriculum


Are you ready to take your child's spelling skills to new heights? Hearth & Story Fifth Grade Spelling is a carefully crafted, year-long journey. Geared towards students who have a strong foundation in spelling, our curriculum is an ideal choice for those looking to elevate their language skills to the next level.


Key Features:


Tailored for Success:


Commonly Misspelled Words: Addressing common stumbling blocks, we guide students through the intricacies of commonly misspelled words, ensuring a solid grasp on spelling fundamentals.


Latin and Greek Word Roots: Unlock the power of language by delving into Latin and Greek word roots. This enriching component not only enhances spelling proficiency but also lays the groundwork for advanced vocabulary development.


Fun and Friendly Approach: Learning is most effective when it's enjoyable. Our curriculum employs a fun and friendly approach, making each spelling session an engaging adventure.


Bridge to Future Word Study: Serving as a perfect transition, this curriculum acts as a bridge between elementary spelling and middle school vocabulary studies. Prepare your child for the challenges of more advanced linguistic exploration.


Persistence Spelling: Every five weeks, students circle back to review words they previously missed in our unique "Persistence Spelling" feature. This ensures a comprehensive understanding and long-term retention of spelling concepts.


Who Should Choose Our Spelling Curriculum?


Hearth & Story Fifth Grade Spelling is meant specifically for students who have a solid foundation of spelling skills from previous studies. It's the perfect choice for those seeking to enhance their spelling skills in an enjoyable and enriching manner.



Invest in Your Child's Linguistic Journey with Hearth & Story Fifth Grade Spelling!

Fifth Grade Spelling

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