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Welcome to Hearth & Story’s Fifth Grade Poetry homeschool course—where the magic of poetry comes to life within the walls of your home! Dive into the enchanting world of poetry with our warm and welcoming program that's designed especially for fifth grade homeschool students.


Some students shy away from poetry because it can be challenging to understand and often features old-fashioned language or stodgy themes. At Hearth & Story, we recognized this issue and curated a special list of thirty poems featuring a variety of engaging topics specifically designed to resonate with young creative minds… and without a lot of the “thou” and “doth” stuff we often associate with poetry class.


Each poem comes with both a homeschool lesson and a simple coloring page students can work on while discussing the poem, allowing students to add their own personal touches to these literary treasures.


This course is designed to be used with the Hearth & Story Literary Term Flashcard set, which is also available at our online store.

Hearth & Story Fifth Grade Poetry

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