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Continue Your Literary Journey with the Hearth & Story Sixth Grade Literature Bundle: Explore a thought-provoking blend of rich narratives and engaging poetry in our carefully curated Hearth & Story Fifth Sixth Literature Bundle. If you are using a different writing, spelling, and grammar program and need a secular literature component that resonates with your family's values, our bundle is the perfect substitution.


Seamless Integration with Your Existing Curriculum: At Hearth & Story, we understand that every homeschooling journey is unique. Our Sixth Grade Literature Bundle is designed as the perfect companion for families who are content with their current writing, spelling, and grammar programs but are seeking a secular alternative for literature.


Learn How We Are "Better Together": Hearth & Story’s sixth grade thematic core invites students to embark on a journey through three novels that feature teams of protagonists who learn how to become more than the sum of their individual parts. These novels delve into the power of unity, cooperation, and mutual support. Our heroes live in different universes, but they share something important: they discover that they are stronger and more resilient when they work together. In Double Dutch by Sharon M. Draper, Starry River of the Sky by Grace Lin, and Watership Down by Richard Adams, characters find that their journeys are deeply enriched by the bonds they form and the collaborative efforts they undertake. Whether facing personal challenges, embarking on quests, or navigating perilous adventures, our heroes learn that they can achieve more collectively than they ever could alone. "Better Together" invites students to reflect on the importance of solidarity and teamwork, encouraging them to appreciate the value of community and cooperation in their own lives.


Discover the Joy of Poetry: Hearth & Story Sixth Grade Poetry is intended to serve as a warm welcome to the world of verse, designed especially for sixth grade homeschool students.


This course features a mini anthology of 30 poems, each one selected to engage and inspire students while also using (mostly) modern language. To learn more about our philosophy of teaching poetry to middle grade students, click here for a blog post or here for a video. Each poem in this course comes with both a homeschool lesson and a coloring page students can work on while discussing the poem, allowing students to create a colorful collection of poems they can revisit again and again.


Note: This course is designed to be used with the same Hearth & Story Literary Term Flashcard set used in the fifth grade Hearth & Story poetry course. The printable flashcards are included in this bundle for newcomers to Hearth & Story. If you already have a set from fifth grade, you will not need to print them again.


Pick Apart Some Classic Tales: Our sixth grade short story series includes three classic tales from the Brothers Grimm— "Hansel & Gretel," "Rumpelstiltskin," and "Little Red Cap." These units feature the full text of each story along with thought-provoking questions, engaging writing activities, and other enjoyable exercises that turn reading into an exciting adventure. We encourage students to ask questions, analyze the narratives, and view these well-known stories from new angles. Designed to spark creativity and critical thinking, these tales become a memorable and essential part of your homeschool literature journey. Dive into the magic of Grimm’s words and let these timeless stories enrich your literary exploration.


A Holistic Sixth Grade Literature Experience: Whether you're seeking a secular approach or looking to align literature choices with your family's values, the Hearth & Story Sixth Grade Literature Bundle is your solution. Elevate your homeschooling journey by seamlessly integrating literature that sparks curiosity, fosters a love for reading, and perfectly complements the language portion of your English language arts curriculum.

Sixth Grade Full Year Literature Bundle

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