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Watership Down transports readers to the pastoral landscapes of southern England, where a group of brave rabbits embark on a perilous journey to find a new home. Led by the resourceful Hazel, the rabbits navigate a series of trials and tribulations, forging strong bonds of friendship and community along the way. Richard Adams's compelling narrative invites readers into a richly imagined world where courage, cleverness, and the quest for freedom are paramount. Through the rabbits' epic adventure, students will delve into themes of survival, leadership, and the enduring power of true collaboration, making Watership Down a timeless and captivating tale for readers of all ages.

This complete novel study guide includes everything you need to welcome Watership Down into your homeschool (except a copy of the book, of course)! It includes:


- Thought Questions
- Comprehension Activities

- Essay Writing

- Art and Math Connections

- Literary Terms
- And more!


This 46-page course will guide you through the novel in about 68-70 school days.

Watership Down Complete Novel Study Guide

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