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Introducing The Dog Ate My Dictionary!


A Dictionary is Not a Chew Toy.


Is your sixth grader ready for a fun and unique vocabulary experience? The Dog Ate My Dictionary by Hearth & Story is a delightful year-long curriculum designed to make vocabulary building an engaging and memorable experience. Perfect for homeschoolers, this course takes a playful twist on traditional learning, blending rigorous vocabulary practice with a touch of silliness.


Key Features:


Interactive Word Matching: Each week, students receive 8 new words and 8 definitions, needing to match them correctly and reconstruct their “dictionary” workbook, which, according to course lore, has suffered an unfortunate fate at the paws of the student’s new puppy. This hands-on activity encourages active learning and retention.


Contextual Learning: Words are selected from the novels students are reading in the course, allowing them to encounter and use the vocabulary in context, reinforcing their understanding and application. Our sixth grade novels are Double Dutch by Sharon M. Draper, Starry River of the Sky by Grace Lin, and Watership Down by Richard Adams.


Diverse Practice Exercises: Students engage in a variety of exercises designed to deepen their grasp of each vocabulary word, with spiral practice to ensure they are comfortable using these tricky words in writing.


Whimsical and Fun Approach: At Hearth & Story, we believe learning is most impactful when it’s enjoyable. Our unique ‘destroyed dictionary’ concept ensures that vocabulary lessons are not just educational, but also a delightful part of your student's week.


Bridge to Advanced Vocabulary: This course serves as a perfect transition from elementary spelling to middle school vocabulary studies, preparing students for more complex linguistic challenges.


Who Should Choose The Dog Ate My Dictionary?


The Dog Ate My Dictionary is ideal for sixth-grade students who enjoy creative, hands-on learning experiences. It’s perfect for homeschoolers looking to enrich their language studies with a fun and engaging vocabulary curriculum. While the vocabulary words tie closely to Hearth & Story’s sixth grade novel studies, students not using Hearth & Story for literature can also use this course, as knowledge of the novels is not required.


Invest in Your Child's Vocabulary Adventure with The Dog Ate My Dictionary!

The Dog Ate My Dictionary - Sixth Grade Vocabulary

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